Holistic Therapy

Improving social and communication skills and  teaching  the power of self-motivation.

What is Holistic Therapy & how it will help people with disabilities?

Main goal of therapy is to encourage mindfulness and happiness, and ultimately to help adults with disabilities be more able to make choices and decisions themselves. This is done by learning useful new skills, to see the importance of valuing oneself and others, and to teach positive thinking.

Sessions include


Individual massage treatment which affects all aspects of a person (physical, emotional, and mental) by unblocking energy pathways, improving circulation, and helping the body normalise and rebalance itself. Helps achieve a state of relaxation.

Physical Wellbeing

Develop, manage, and lead individual and group sessions for a variety of benefits.

Stretch and Tone Exercises

Low intensity workout that tones muscles, which will  increase range of motion and flexibility, and helps to relieve stress. During the session participants will develop breathing techniques and improve their posture.


Yoga is a posture-based gentle, slow-motion exercise that uses stress relief and relaxation techniques with breathing. It offers physical and mental wellbeing by improving strength, balance, and flexibility. It also helps with pain relief, increases circulation, and improves muscle tone, concentration, bodily control, and quality of breathing.

Swimming, Individual Hydro Session

Hydrotherapy is a water-based, low-intensity exercise program. It is an excellent preventative therapy for developing deformities, improves social skills, and works to maintain health and relaxation. It also improves self-awareness, confidence, breathing, decreases muscle tightness, increases flexibility and muscle strength, and improves balance and helps with postural management.

Sports and Leisure Activities

During sessions clients will be introduced to different sports games and will play a range of competitive games. This provides a variety of benefits while clients learn to enjoy each-other’ company. Clients will have the opportunity to learn and improve on their:

  • social and communicative skills
  • physical abilities and mental capacity to be able to follow simple instructions, rules and   turn takings.
  • general knowledge of different games
  • bodily control, coordination, balance, and mobility,
  • fine and gross motor skills,
  • confidence and self-esteem.

Individual Mobility Session

Physical activity that is based on individual client’s needs. The program combines active and passive movements aiming at increasing flexibility and muscle strength, preventing the development of deformities, and aiming postural corrections. During the session clients will perform different exercises with suitable level of support to learn to change place and positions, moving safely without falling. They will also improve communication skills and breathing.

Developing Independent Living Skills

These sessions  will develop knowledge and understanding of taking care of themselves and the environment. They will learn social behavior and will improve their communication and social interaction skills. They will be introduced to new skills which could be use in their everyday life, such as the use of domestic equipment’s. They will develop a more active lifestyle and will learn basic health, hygiene, and safety rules.

Activities included:

  • Cooking and domestic activities
  • Gardening to develop horticultural knowledge and seasonal plant care

Creative Development

These sessions aim at developing creative abilities through exploration, decision making, and expression. During different activities clients can improve their imagination, respond to experiences, and express their ideas through the exploration of different materials.

All activities are based on a mindful and holistic approach. Participants are encouraged  to take full advantage of their ability and to be present in the moment. Positive thinking, self-awareness, acceptance, and motivational self-drive are incorporated within all sessions. The focus is to provide well-structured, balanced activities that are physically and mentally stimulating, based on individual ability,  interest and personal needs.

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