CMSS was set up in 1952 and is both a company and a charity. It provides community based day services to disabled adults, primarily adults with either a physical impairment and/or a learning disability.


  • We believe every individual has the right to equality of opportunity in Employment, Education, Leisure and Housing.
  • CMSS recognises that disabled people face discrimination in their everyday life. We aim to create an environment in which individuals can, through informed choice, take control of their lives.
  • We are committed to quality in all our services. We achieve this by ongoing training and investment in our staff and volunteers.
  • By our positive attitude we will continue to oppose prejudice.


  • Our Skills Development Centre provides Education, Employment and Leisure opportunities for disabled people.
  • We work in partnership with statutory and voluntary organisations.
  • Through our information and advocacy services, disabled people can take control of their lives.