Hillingdon project comprises of both North and South Hillingdon Projects, all our clients have different talents and ambitions they wish to achieve. 

We enjoy learning new skills, taking part in physical activities and engaging in social activities.

We choose our activities in July via choice sheets, together we then collate a structured personalised timetable, and in September work towards achieving our targets, this is part of our learning skills. Clients have balanced timetables so have an opportunity to indulge in educational and fun activities too.

We take part in learning Independent living skills including cooking light lunches, baking cakes for our fund raising events, shopping skills in the community and housekeeping.

Fun swimming and out and about visiting places of interest is one of our popular sessions.

In addition to the above by accessing CMSS we have an opportunity to interact with our peers, having a chat with each other and forming friendships means a lot to us which promotes our social skills, the staff encourage us with many of our daily tasks and support us to achieve our aims in life.

Every half term and the summer holidays we get a break from our programmed timetabled activities and have an opportunity to either try new activities or go out in the community on days out and a chance to go out and interact with other clients from the different projects.