The Projects at CMSS

CMSS currently consists of three Projects, Hillingdon project for clients living in and around Hillingdon bough, Northwood project for our more maturing clients and Brent/Harrow Project again if you live within these areas, both Hillingdon and Brent/Harrow Projects have a wide range of abilities and ages from our youngest clients in their early twenties to our eldest in their eighties! But don’t be misled each client has the opportunities to try each and every session available, sessions are adapted and tailored to suite your needs.  

Our aim at CMSS is every individual counts and should be given choice whilst allowing structure and support to do specific tasks, each client at CMSS is offered a variety of sessions to choose from and from this a personalised day is produced. 

CMSS is more than just a placement, our day opportunities give you the chance to learn new skills, engage in your local community, gain independence and enjoy a wealth of interactive activities, we support you to develop a tailored support plan that reflects you – your interests, goals and preferences regardless if your placement is for one day or five days we will always promote and maintain a wonderful environment to be in to enhance your life skills. 

Imagine… Believe … Achieve … 

Here are just a few sessions that we offer:

Community – Including accessing leisure activities and educational day trips as a group, supporting you with independent shopping and money skills and developing your social skills and knowledge like going to college.  

Health and well-being – exploring opportunities that promote exercise and a healthy lifestyle, from a calming relaxation session where you would be able to learn breathing techniques to sounds of calming music in our tranquil sensory room, or supporting you at the gym in an active fitness class or just to reminisce in our feel good garden where we grow some of our own fruit and vegetables and watch the amazing floral beds thrive. 

Independent skills – how to plan and make healthy meals teaching you to become talented in cooking and baking, whilst learning safety in the kitchen and food hygiene, or independent skills such as laundry/ironing and housekeeping . 

Creativity – including woodwork and practical arts where use of colours and different materials are used, bingo and computer skills encouraging numeracy and literacy skills, music/drama to boost interaction and role play within the groups, and very popular our ‘Zumba’ sessions a way of light exercise whist enjoying movement and rhythm to music. 

Our passionate and caring staff will help you to get the most out of your day, so that you can lead a happy and fulfilling life without limitations.