At CMSS we like to encourage our clients to get out and about in the community and spend time with their friends outside off the centre, we do at least one social a month to a variety off places such as Chessington, Zoos, Pantomimes and anything the clients suggest and would like to visit. We also offer centre holidays to be able to give the carers some well deserved respite and give the opportunity for our clients to go on holiday where they may not be able to otherwise, We have taken the clients on a variety off holidays in the UK and abroad such as Tenerife, Cyprus , a cruise and holiday parks such as Butlin’s, Center parcs and potters in Norfolk and many more destinations, Throughout the year we also do like to do a lot off different events and hold a summer fate and Christmas baazar and host international nights, 60s discos and a delicious afternoon tea to fundraise funds towards our clients holidays and social events in the month, we not only fundraise for ourselves as a charity but we also like to help fundraise for other charities and join in on Macmillan day, and host tea parties and variety of other events, We also take any opportunity to have a good disco and dance and celebrate St Patricks day, valentines, St Georges and any other national holiday.