Update 21st April 2021

Following a meeting with the Board of Trustees on the 19th of April the following decision was made for the reopening of CMSS.

CMSS is committed to reopening as soon as possible but given the current situation we have come to the view that the 28th of June is the earliest possible date we can consider. In reaching this decision we have considered the following, with safety always our priority:

  • We want to reopen fully offering clients their usual daily hours; this will create certainty for both clients and carers, many of whom also have other daily commitments.
  • Most clients should have had their second vaccination; and therefore, bubble sizes can probably be relaxed.
  • The situation/risks regarding the new variants and local infection rates should be clearer.
  • Returning in June should enable us to utilise the outdoors to the maximum potential.
  • Transport restrictions should be eased allowing the normal transport arrangements to resume.
  • In reaching this decision we have established that no client or carer needs emergency respite relief during the next two months.

Prior to reopening the centre, we will use this time appropriately to prepare our services for your anticipated return.

All staff will be updated on their statutory training, meanwhile all Health and Safety measures will be renewed and implemented. CMSS Transport will be serviced, and all vehicles will be in full operation.

We are currently in the process of reshaping the service for this year and upcoming years to provide the clients with a fresh approach to their activities.

We will write to you all with 2 weeks’ notice on the confirmed date of our opening, whilst further answering any queries you may have had regarding our reopening. On a final note, we would like to thank you for your tolerance and understanding during these unprecedented times. We are looking forward to opening the doors of CMSS and welcoming you all back once again

Providing services for adults with Cerebral Palsy and associated disabilities from the Brent, Harrow, Hillingdon and Northwood areas
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