Chirag Shah Covid-19 Reflection

It feels joyful thinking to myself, As I sit on my rocking chair in the garden listening to the world go by.

In my head I feel a sigh of relief, that finally after many months (a year to be precise) we can finally reunite with each other

I remember the week before this tragic event happened that I was celebrating my 26Th birthday skydiving. It was the most awesome thing ever.

But when it was announced that they are going to be a lockdown, I felt a sense of worry but looking back to it today I feel proud of what I have achieved during this past one year I was at home.  But also I feel a sense of  joy that finally after two years of hardship I can finally start the routine that was new to me before lockdown and  will now become my life structure, and start accepting my new life that I  was supposed to have after finishing college but didn’t get a chance to .

I feel really upset and frustrated with the way things have gone as every time I have moved colleges or school, I have adapted to my new way of life.

I am really agitated with how life has gone by so quickly and I have not had the chance to settle into my new environment and I had not a chance to build my new structure.

For many people with special needs this has been a worrying time as ones daily routine has been disrupted.  If the pandemic hadn’t occurred by now, I would have settled in my routine and tried to find my way in life. A lot of people have suffered loneliness and mental health is high.

 On the positive side I had the chance to spend more time with my family. Also I had the chance to do more walking and exercises to improve my independence. I also had a chance to work with my P. A on my physical and emotional wellbeing. In conclusion life is like the sea, sometimes calm and smooth and sometimes it is rough and rocky but you have to live life it to the fullest!!

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Chirag Shah Covid-19 Reflection 

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